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Page 22


Blushberry Frappe


1. Blushberry Frappe.jpg



Soda Bread


2. Soda Bread.jpg



Page 28


Irish Cappuccino


3. Irish Cappuccino.jpg



Gur Cake


4. Gur Cake.jpg



Page 105


Corned Beef


5. Corned Beef.jpg



Champ/ Poundies


6. Champ or Poundies.JPG



Page 126


Apple Scone


7. Apple Scone.jpg



Soup and Irish Soda Bread


8. Soup and Irish Soda Bread.jpg



Page 148




9. Boxty.JPG



Page 181


Dublin Coddle



10. Dublin Coddle.jpg



Irish Beef Stew


11. Irish Beef Stew.jpg





12. Colcannon.jpg



Bacon and Cabbage


13. Bacon and Cabbage.jpg





14. Goody.jpg



Irish Cream Bundt Cake


15. Irish Cream Bundt Cake.jpg



Irish Apple Cake


16. Irish Apple Cake.jpg



Shepherd’s Pie


17. Irish Shepherd’s Pie.jpg



St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn


18. St. Patrick's Day Popcorn.jpg



Bailey Irish Cream-Chocolate Cheesecake


19. Baileys Irish Cream-Chocolate Cheesecake.jpg


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